T.C. is...

T.C. Folkpunk

First, an introduction...

T.C. Folkpunk started life with the somewhat more common moniker Tim Cameron. That same Tim Cameron was given a Beatles album when he was four years old, and decided he'd like to be a Beatle when he grew up.

Unfortunately, they weren't hiring.

Instead, the young Cameron proceeded to amass a collection of Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Ramones, Clash, and Green Day albums. He also amassed a guitar collection consisting of one crappy no-name acoustic, and a slightly less crappy electric. And he started writing songs.

A few years passed, then he began playing in bars and pubs somewhere around the age of 17, by which time he was tall enough to convincingly exaggerate about his age. Cassette albums were released. Hundreds of gigs were sweated out. Compact disc albums were released. Many hundred more gigs ensued. Bios were written in the third person...

In 2007, Cameron discovered that one of his songs, American Dream, had become part of the curriculum in a high school class in Germany which was studying the recent impact of American culture on the outside world.

Fast forward to 2009, and his stage name was changed to T.C. Folkpunk, a decision which was brought on by the proliferation of other musicians performing under the names Tim Cameron or Timothy Cameron (and his annoyance at getting their email). Shortly thereafter, the newly minted Folkpunk found himself on stage at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, for two shows during the International Pop Overthrow festival. He still hasn't shut up about it.

As of December 2015, when the Canadian indie comedy film Love in the Sixth premiered at the Whistler Film Festival, T.C. added "actor", "film score composer" and possibly "movie mogul" to his list of talents and achievements as well.

His latest album, Hearsay Is 20/20, was recorded in true "folkpunk" style, live off the floor and fuelled by whatever could be coaxed out of the studio's espresso maker that day.