T.C. Folkpunk

VIMEO  Ello is to Facebook what Vimeo is to YouTube, so I have a Vimeo page as well.

THAT SATISFYING CRUNCH!   What does one do when one needs a break from being a socially-conscious folk-punk singer-songwriter? Why, one puts together an instrumental, jangly, crunchy power pop band of course!

WENDY SINCLAIR   She acts, she dances, she choreographs, she paints, she writes, and she drew the artwork for three preview singles from Hearsay Is 20/20. Pretty awesomazing, all things considered.

CBC RADIO 3   The Folkpunk presence on our national broadcaster.

ROBERT McGEE PHOTOGRAPHY  In addition to being the DOP on Love In The Sixth, Rob is also an excellent portrait photographer.

FRANK MAKAK   Montreal's answer to Billy Bragg. I'm a big fan of Frank, and not just because he covered "Land Of Lukewarm" (although that helped).

JAMES CLARK INSTITUTE   One of the best damn songwriters in Canada, simple as that.

CHRIS PAGE   Chris is another graduate of the Billy Bragg school of "one-guy-with-an-electric-guitar-and-great-songs-is-all-you-need".

ACCURATE AUDIO   When it comes to CD manufacturing, I can't say enough great things about Accurate Audio. Well, actually, I probably could say enough great things, but it would take a while.