T.C. Folkpunk

A Night Off The Town

(T. Cameron)


From the T.C. Folkpunk album "Hearsay is 20/20".

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This antique shop is filled with bicycles,
This pen's the only thing that kills the dull,
And you're two hundred miles north by north west,
Whether you miss me is anyone's guess,
    I stare at the glass, try to make it last,
    The temptation's great to inhale a crate
    A night off the town in a town melting down.

Between the screens and the Tiffany lamps,
The background muzak: gypsies, thieves and tramps,
The room's deserted this side of the bar,
A sombre setting for tonight's memoir,
    Are you under the sky on a beach standing by,
    For the whole Milky Way to come out on display?
    A night off the town in a town melting down,

        The days we're separated,
        Play at half speed, I've waited,
        Too many years this weekend,
        While draining ink from this pen,

And so at 2 A.M. I've been excused,
From this excuse for a night on the loose,
I'm loaded just enough to go off half cocked,
The final chapter an empty sidewalk,
    And home to a cage where I stay up and pace,
    And lift one more drink in your direction I think,
    A night off the town in a town melting down.