T.C. Folkpunk

Page Before Me

from the album Never Mind The Hyperbolics
(T. Cameron)


A clean page before me, like a child's mind,

So many ways to fill up the space,

I've got my diploma, got my degree,

Sharpen my hatchet, let's see you match it

  I'll give you a place to bury your face,

  Read what I've written, now you've been smitten,

  I am no hack, but I'll stretch the facts,

  To fill out the dailies, it's never failed me,


A clean page before me, like a toy truck,

Fill it with candy, fill it with sand, we

Know how to sell you what you want to hear,

Take a subscription to a media tradition,

  Here at the trough, we try to come off,

  Politically correct, well, we all know that sex sells,

  Call me some time, if you know a crime,

  You can have your fame, as a source unnamed,


A clean page before me, I'm pleading the first,

License to swill, to scoop and to spill,

My mind is made up, uncluttered by truth,

Dishonest depiction of my next victim,

  A blow I could smote, misprinting a quote,

  I can repaint you, tarnish and taint you,

  To contemplate less, I'd have to confess,

  I wouldn't try it, 'cause no one would buy it.