T.C. Folkpunk

Something Like a Poem

(T. Cameron)


From the album "Hearsay is 20/20".

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She's something like a poem, 
But it seems nobody else has yet desired, 
To give eternal words, 
To a smile that at the very least requires, 
Couplets or a stanza or a verse, 
To do her restless beauty all the justice it deserves, 

She's something like a poem, 
You could read repeatedly for inspiration, 
And memorize each line, 
And curve and movement in captivation, 
Lyrics that you know will never cease, 
On the way to shaping a handwritten masterpiece, 

 And when she's novelized, 
 And you only want to get between her covers, 
 Haiku d'etat prevails, 
 As you overthrow and overwrite past lovers, 
 Bind her to your arbitrary self, 
 Bookend her with other mysteries on your top shelf, 

She's something like a poem, 
That will make you laugh when you least expect it, 
Absorbing every phrase, 
From a manuscript someone else rejected, 
Quoting her to yourself late at night, 
Solitary sonnets as your only source of light.