T.C. Folkpunk

The Age of Nefarious



From the album "T.C. Folkpunk". Buy it HERE!


Look at you, centre of the universe,

But it's time for the bubble to be burst,

Reality's been remote for you, it's no wonder a wake up call is due,

You're either a nuisance or you're just slightly annoying,

Hope you're enjoying,

Being alone in a crowded room.

  It's the age of nefarious and it's almost f*cking hilarious,

  The way everybody assumes they're a little bit special.


Give it up, you're not fooling anyone,

You were through long before you had begun,

Now you're just an obstacle on my way to reaching the pinnacle,

The empress has caught a chill and she's down with a fever,

Hard to believe her,

She's wasting all of our oxygen.


    Random acts of mindlessness, excelling at your own excess,

    Seems the more things change, the more you stay insane.


That's enough, I won't take it anymore,

I'll let you find your own way to the door,

Stop playing with platitudes if you want my infernal gratitude,

I don't need your hollow smile or your hollower greetings,

I'm not competing with you for your own affections.