T.C. Folkpunk

The Things She Said To Me

(T. Cameron)


From the album "Lamest Fast Words". Buy it HERE!


The things she said to me could fill up a void,

The things she said to me now leave me annoyed,

And I feel as though I've snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


I got up on the wrong side of her mood,

And watched amazed as everything came unglued,

And paced around as I conjured up what to say next.


To boldly go where no man's fallen before,

Would seem a hobby, occupation or more,

Of those determined that their muscle of love is never flexed.


  I'm sincerely not concerned or so I claim,

  Even if it seems my only aim,

  Is laying blame.


As opportunity knocks you around,

You'll find some wisdom etched right into the ground,

As it comes up to meet you the first night your sorrows take a bath.


How we would imitate the beast with two backs,

Or was it just a front for something we lacked,

I'll have to sacrifice the company of her golden calves.


  Stay at home in voluntary quarantine,

  Act like nothing's wrong, the old routine,

  We've all seen.


And if I phone her in the middle of the night,

It's not for sentiment, but rather for spite,

If I lost any sleep the favour is easily returned


The things she said to me belong in a vault,

With priceless ironies and verbal assaults,

The stuff that screams are made of now that the courting is adjourned.


The things she said to me,

The things she said to me,

The things she said to me...