T.C. Folkpunk


It's gig time, as detailed below:

7:00 PM,
at C'EST WHAT, 67 Front Street East, Toronto.
also appearing: Mr. B (aka Mike Bennett)

This isn't really a gig in the usual sense. It's what I've dubbed a "recording party". Basically I'll be playing some songs that I've never recorded, nor have any plans to record. It's possible that I'll play these songs once at the recording party, and then move on to writing new songs which will be played in public only once at the next recording party. Anybody who wants to have copies of these songs is encouraged to come to C'est What and bring whatever recording media you have at your disposal.

Got an app for your iPhone that puts Abbey Road studios in your pocket? Bring it!

Got an old 4-track cassette recorder and a cheap microphone? Bring it!

Got one of those Edison wax cylinder recording doo-dads from a hundred years ago? Bring it, but get it insured first, it's probably worth something.

When I first picked up a guitar way back in the 20th century, my goal was to simply write a bunch of great songs and play them. But the industry changed and every indie artist ended up having to be a manager, and/or booking agent, and/or record producer, and/or recording engineer, and/or record label CEO, and/or promoter, and/or CD warehouse manager (the warehouse being one's living room)… And juggling all of those things meant there was no spare time for actually making music.

A year ago I walked away from the music thing and wrote a kids' book, effectively putting music out of my mind for the first time since I was twelve years old. I didn't touch any of my guitars for months, (aside from a couple of little appearances) and even sold off all but two of them. After I finished writing the book and sent it off to the publishers, I suddenly felt like writing some songs again. With a fresh perspective, I realized that I did not, however, feel like wearing any of the other music biz hats I'd been wearing for so long. Anyway, to make a long story ever so slightly shorter, congratulations, you've all been promoted to the role of recording engineer, and/or record producer. The recording session will take place on Sunday May 19th. See you there.

By the way, after you've recorded the show, you're welcome to do whatever you want with the finished product. Upload it to Soundcloud, stick it on iTunes and try selling it (HA! good luck with THAT one!), send MP3s to radio stations, whatever. Oh, look, you've just been promoted to promoter as well as indie label CEO. Congratulations.