T.C. Folkpunk

Hey ya, Here's some gig news from me to you:

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 27th, I'll be at CADILLAC LOUNGE (1296 Queen Street West) somewhere between 4pm and 7pm as part of Songwriters Expo along with Neil Exall, Mike Hopkins, and Marion Arthur.

There'll be a draw for CDs by the performers too.

And then: FRIDAY DECEMBER 2nd, I'll show up at GRAFFITI'S (170 Baldwin Avenue) 8pm-ish as part of Songwriters Unite along with many other songwriters, none of whom I can name at the moment because I never thought to get the names before I started typing this email to you.


And if you have friends and family in Guelph, tell them about this one. Or even enemies: THURSDAY JANUARY 12th, I'm folkpunking at MANHATTAN'S (951 Gordon Street, Guelph) from 8pm to 11pm all folkpunk, all night. For the third time this year I'll be hauling out some originals that I haven't played since the 1990's. I've been told by people who've been to Manhattan's that it's a nice place and the pizza is amazing.

Okay, and finally this little tidbit from CBC News' website. Seems that Toronto MP Dan McTeague wants 50 Cent barred from entering Canada to perform concerts scheduled for December, adding that the rapper promotes gun violence, a message that Torontonians don't need to hear in light of the recent shootings in the city. "I think it's time we send a message of our own to those who glorify violence that their gratuitous violence and movies are not welcome in our country," McTeague said. "We need to do a better job at protecting Canadians from people whose message runs counter to all of our efforts of trying to curb gun violence." Oh really? Then perhaps Mr. McTeague could explain why 50 Cent's new film Get Rich Or Die Tryin' was shot (no pun intended) right here in good ol' Hogtown, and not once did the MP raise his voice in protest during the production. Oh wait, of course, they were probably filming during parliament's summer vacation. How silly of me.

Yes folks, the ECB (election campaign bullsh*t) is about to start hitting the fan. You've been warned.