T.C. Folkpunk

Hey Folkpunkateers!

Two gigs coming up this week to tell you about. But first, a rant from our sponsors:

Last week as I was leaving my apartment building, the superintendent caught up with me and informed me that a bunch of the storage lockers in the basement had been broken into overnight, and that mine was one of them.

Oh, great.

Anyway, I headed to the locker room to survey the damage and sure enough, most of the contents of the locker were dumped out onto the floor. Nothing seemed to be missing, or if anything WAS missing, I've long since forgotten I owned it, so same diff. Among the flotsam (and even jetsam) strewn about there were a couple of boxes of my CD, "...every cloud has a sulphur lining..." that had been torn open. I counted their contents, and was relieved to find that all of the CDs were still there. Then after that moment of blissful relief, I suddenly got slightly pissed off.

The nerve of those amateurs, I thought, not thinking that my CD was worth stealing!

So I'm considering making up a sign to stick on the locker with a quote from a review I got in the UK (courtesy of Russell Barker). I imagine the sign will look something like: "VALUABLE COMPACT DISCS ENCLOSED! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL! HERE'S WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING: 'Timothy Cameron's seven track mini-album is bristling with the bile and invective of Billy Bragg's early albums. Add to that the intensity of the Clash and puns from the school of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and you have a very entertaining ride indeed.' RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO MUSICALLY ENHANCE YOUR EXISTENCE ILLEGALLY"

In other words, I want to turn into a major label. You know, the way they hype an album as the greatest thing since Sgt. Pepper, and then wonder why everybody wants to steal it? Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there are two gigs coming up in the next week:


SUNDAY JULY 30, (8pm-ish?)

at DRAGONFLY, 1279 Queen Street WEST at Brock (across from the Cadillac Lounge, and a little bit west).

I'll be appearing as one of a handful of featured performers, one of whom will be Trip Phoenix. He's cool. And then...



at CASTRO'S LOUNGE 2116 Queen Street EAST at Wineva

with special guest JON BROOKS

Don't go breaking my...uh, padlock.