T.C. Folkpunk

Hello listeners,

Our story so far: Mild mannered folk-punk and would be raconteur T.C. is recruited to take his first crack at acting, while also being enlisted to write as many catchy songs as possible, all in the service of Love in the Sixth, a new indie Canadian unromantic musical comedy feature film. After many months of indulging in both aforementioned career activities, our hero finds himself (along with many fellow cast members) at the world premiere of "LITS" at the Whistler Film Festival in Whistler B.C. on Friday December 4th.

Days before the premiere, the first rumblings of recognition were heard, as Reel West Magazine published the production diary of the film's producer/writer/director, Jude Klassen.

During a luncheon on the opening day, festival programmer extraordinaire Paul Gratton announces to the celebs and cinephiles in attendance that "Love in the Sixth was made for only five thousand dollars, but it looks like a million bucks!". Costars T.C. and Jude don't expect such recognition so early in the game, and look at each other in surprised awe, and agree that "that was cool".

At the theatre on premiere night, much red carpet paparazzifying ensues.

And as a special treat for the audience lined up in the lobby to see the film, the cast give their loyal following a bit of song and dance. But mostly song.

Much mayhem and positive critical response ensues, as the film goes on to become the buzz worthy, quirky underdog of the festival. The two days following the premiere are a blur of late night parties, early morning brunch shmooze fests, hot tubs and saunas, and vain attempts to try to finish writing a song for the next album. That, combined with smoked salmon burgers and jet lag, pretty much makes the trip complete.

Upon arriving back in Toronto, the cast's triumphant return is made all the more triumphanter when they're treated to a hefty endorsement on CTV News Channel, from resident film reviewer Jason Gorber (at the three minute mark).

Followed by a prop-tastic written review from the same Mr. Gorber, for Dork Shelf.

Our hero then spends the next few days blogging, emailing and trying to count his lucky stars with help of a very large calculator.

Thanks for tuning in, this ends our broadcast day…