T.C. Folkpunk

On the off chance that anybody has been asking themselves what ever became of me, here's some quick news.

First, I've been working like mad on an indie film for the past few weeks. I met the writer/director/ producer, Judith Klassen, at a party back in April. Initially, she asked if I'd be interested in contributing a song or two for the film, which was in pre-production at the time. Twist my rubber arm, so to speak.

Shortly thereafter, it was suggested that maybe I could play one of the smaller roles, which soon became a bigger role. Then more songs were needed. Then my character was re-written to become one of the main characters. Then Judith and I started collaborating on even more music for the film.

Fast forward to now, and this film (currently titled Mancation Nation) has turned into one of the best jobs ever. All of the people involved get along famously, the scripts are great, and there's an spontaneous energy that comes with the guerrilla approach to film making that we've adopted. We're aiming for an early 2015 release, rest assured I'll tell you when it's time. Until then, those of you on Faceboot can follow along here: 

In other news, I've FINALLY uploaded some simple videos to YouTube. Nothing fancy, but I've arranged two playlists, one for each of my previous albums. Here are the urls:

"…every cloud has a sulphur lining…" 

"T.C. Folkpunk" 

You can listen to both albums absolutely free, meaning no money will be directed to the artist.

Wait a minute… Um, on second thought…