T.C. Folkpunk

Gig Time: T.C. FOLKPUNK (yo!) at The HARD LUCK BAR, (812 Dundas Street West, Toronto) at 9:00 PM, SHARP!! (one set only, don't be late) $5 cover. This Friday I'll be playing one set at this newish venue here in Toronto. I've decided that all of the money I make will be donated to help pay legal fees for some of the (innocent) people who were illegally detained during the G20 fiasco here is Smogtown last month. I was working on a full rant about it, then somebody I know on Facebook posted this link: Lacy MacAuley is only one of hundreds of people who were subjected to the sort of treatment normally reserved for dissidents in such exotic locales as China or Sudan. I know some unenlightened individuals out there only receive their news from the usual suspects, and the general spin is that all the protesters were smashing up windows and deserved what they got. Let's see, a total of something like eight windows smashed (that's right, EIGHT), and a thousand people rounded up, so that's one hundred and twenty-five arrests per window... The day after the windows were smashed... In a different part of town. It's hard to say what my favourite chapter of this still unfolding mess would be, although Police Chief Bill Blair's assertions that no unwarranted arrests were made, and that the police had no reason to apologize for any of their members' behaviour would have to rank near the top. Go back to sleep Bill, we'll call you if we need you. Look, whatever happened was not done by the rule book that we're all supposed to play by. If it was just a big disorganized mistake, then a few good lawsuits might get some incompetent fucks fired. If, on the other hand, it was a testing of the waters to see how far certain figures of authority can push their weight around, then it's our duty to let them know that the answer is NOT AS FAR AS THAT. Any of us could be next.