T.C. Folkpunk

Hey! This Friday (December 2nd) I'll be appearing at Grafitti's (170 Baldwin) as part of the monthly Songwriters Unite showcase. Also on the bill are Howard Gladestone, Nancy Dutra, Tressa (aka Slim), Lila Rose, Tanya Philopovitch, Susan Hutcheson, and of course the host Russell Leon. Show starts at 9pm, and there's no cover.

So I was reading one of those free newspapers that one can pick up in the subway (a "McNewspaper" if you will) and noticed an article on the TTC's plans to spend an untold amount of money on remaking some stations into "cultural attractions". The article included a conceptual drawing of what Museum Station will look like, with the support columns on the platform transformed into ancient Egyptian sarcophagi and mini Greek columns and such. Three of the TTC's downtown subway stations will get the make-over, transforming them into "works of art". It was an interesting enough article, as were many of the other articles in the McPaper, all of which I had plenty of time to read as I stood waiting for a train that took forever to arrive and when it did finally arrive it was packed to the point that the doors closed on me as I tried squeezing on board. This was at 7:30pm, so rush hour was long since past, and this was the third time in the space of a week that I got to spend an excess amount of time waiting for a train that was full to capacity when it finally showed up. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the TTC is being run by Air Canada. How else can you explain a transit system that values its own beautification over something like, oh I dunno, GETTING ITS PAYING CUSTOMERS TO THEIR DESTINATION. Jeezuz.