T.C. Folkpunk

Hi. Yup, it's gig announcement time again, so here's the dirt. Or rather here's the info (dirt is such a dirty word).

TIMOTHY CAMERON (a.k.a. "me")

at MITZI'S SISTER (1554 Queen Street West)

on MONDAY MAY 30th

The show will start at 9:00pm, there's nary a cover charge and the food is great. And best of all, I'm sharing the bill with one of my fave singer-songwriters, Jennifer Foster, and a fellow named Andrew Haughton. I haven't heard Andrew yet but I've heard good things about him.

So I know that the pro-pit bull lobby is upset over the provincial government's decision to ban the breed, but I'm actually in favour of the ban. However, I don't favour the ban because I believe pit bulls are any more vicious than any other variety of canine. I think they're just dogs, and like any dog a pit bull can have a bad day and snap at somebody. Only difference being that when a chihuahua snaps at you, you're mildly annoyed, because there's only so much damage the jaw muscles on a chihuahua can inflict. I dunno, maybe the answer is not to be "breed specific" in a ban, but "power specific". Maybe somebody should invent some sort of contraption to test the power of the jaw muscles on dogs, and base the ban on that, since the definition of "pit bull" is a bit nebulous, and the ban gets into a grey area when the dog in question is half pit bull, half Sherman tank or whatever. Then again, maybe Queen's Park has another secret motive, and the breed is being banned for reasons of aesthetics as well. I mean really, have you ever looked at a pit bull? They're not the handsomest dogs at the prom. I'm reminded of what Woody Allen once said about a young lady he once encountered: "I don't want to say she was ugly, but facially she resembled Louis Armstrong's voice". I always think of that quote when I see a pit bull. They're kinda like the canine version of Ernest Borgnine (sorry Ernest).