T.C. Folkpunk

Hey folks(punks), Three things to report here at Folkpunk Manor:

First, I'll be a guest on CIUT-FM's Acoustic Workshop this coming Monday (February 20th). The show runs from 7:00 to 8:00 pm (Eastern Time) and can be heard at Or you can listen in on something called a radio, which is like a television (remember those?) without the visuals.

Secondly, in keeping with my resolution to only play Toronto bars once per season, it's time for my Winter 2006 gig. Next Thursday (February 23rd) I'll be appearing at The Now Lounge, located at 189 Church Street, near Dundas. Also on the bill, direct from the God Blessed United States Of America Which Is (Are?) Blessed By God will be Nathan Caswell (who's really from Thunder Bay). The cover is a measly $5, so quit whining already. Show starts at 9-ish.

And finally, this whole Dick-Cheney-shooting-a-guy-thing has (predictably) qualified for "Gate" status. You know how, ever since Watergate, everything that seems the slightest bit questionable within the US government gets called "(Fill-in-the-blank)-Gate". We've had Iran-Gate (Reagan), Monica-Gate (Clinton), Tuna-Gate (Mulroney). Well now the whole Cheney fiasco has been dubbed Quail-Gate. But I think it's time we put the whole "Gate" wordplay thing aside, and I propose a new catchphrase to sum up what took place last weekend when the Veep was shooting birds and, uh, missed: CHAPPAQUI-DUCK.

You're welcome.

Again, the gigs: Monday February 20: CIUT-FM, 7pm Thursday February 23: Now Lounge, 9pm

See ya, Timothy-Gate