T.C. Folkpunk

Hi ya, After a successful gig at Manhattan's in Guelph back in January, they've asked me back for another night of this thing called folkpunk at their predominantly jazz-oriented venue. Go figure.Anyway, here are the "deets" (for my "peeps"):

TIMOTHY CAMERON (that would be me)

at MANHATTAN'S (951 Gordon Street in Guelph)

on THURSDAY APRIL 13th from 8:00pm to Midnight-ish

If you know anybody in the GGA (Greater Guelph Area), feel free to forward this email to them. In fact, why not organize a car pool from wherever you are. Charter a bus, even. There's lots of parking, so what's stopping you ? Huh?! As an added bonus, the following day is Good Friday and the kick off of the whole Easter shebang, when hundreds if not dozens of people around the world celebrate that moment when Jesus arose from the cave, saw his shadow and predicted four more weeks of winter in Bethlehem.

Or something like that.

I'm not a theologian, so some of the finer details are a bit sketchy. Anyway, the point is that unless you're being crucified, you probably have Friday off, so it's not like you're out on a school night. Y'know? Failing that, I suppose I'll play another gig in Toronto one of these days. Probably. Until then, go easy on the Mini-Eggs, okay?