T.C. Folkpunk

Okay, two quick pieces of news for you loyal Folkpunkateers:

First, for those of you wondering when my next public appearance will be, I'm currently appearing here in Toronto on a billboard near Yonge and Lakeshore. It's for something to do with CBC, although I forget what that is at the moment. But they paid me. Lots. Think of it as your tax dollars at work. I haven't actually seen the billboard yet but I've heard about it. I'm portraying a musician, which as it turns out is much more profitable than actually BEING a musician. Who knew?

Secondly, for those of you who prefer cocooning in front of your computer with actual visuals and sounds (because let's face it, the best way to enjoy live music is when it's being replayed on a screen...), you can now watch YouTube snippets from a gig I did back in April at Renaissance Cafe. Here are the urls for two songs:

Enjoy! Oh, and for those of you who watch CTV's Instant Star (and really, who doesn't?) sometime in the near-ish future you'll be able to see me in a few scenes, once again making more money pretending to be in the music biz than than I make being in the music biz. I'm sensing a trend here...

So, uh, I guess that's it. Happy belated ChrismaHannaKwanzaDan, and Newy Ear. Oh, and one more thing. I think we should start calling this year "Twenty-O-Seven" instead of "Two Thousand And Seven", for two reasons. First, Twenty-O-Seven kinda sounds like a cop show from the 70s, and secondly because Prince never said he was gonna party like it was One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine. So there.