T.C. Folkpunk

Hey folks!

Well, spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing: it's time for a seasonal folkpunk gig. The next one (in Toronto at least) will likely be in the summer. Here are the "deets":


at RENAISSANCE CAFE (1938 Danforth Avenue, west of Woodbine)


show starts around 8:30 PM-ish (doors open at 8pm)

Also on the bill are Jeff Stone, Signe Miranda, Brad McGoey and Tristan M.R., and the cover is a measly 5 bucks. Renaissance has lots of microbrewery beers on tap and some very nice gourmet coffees too.

Finally, in lieu of a rant I'm going to forward something to all of you that was sent to me by my friend Sean Bray. I heartily encourage you to forward it to your friends as well, since there's a quick poll you can take at the end if you follow the link. See ya!

"Dear Friends

"National Geographic has just put out its latest issue and there is a big article on nuclear energy's 'comeback' and like other recent articles you may have seen, suggesting that Nuclear is the green alternative. A quote from the article by Charles Petit: 'Scratch a nuclear engineer these days and you'll likely find, under the buttoned-down exterior, a raving green activist' and, 'Climate change, for many, trumps any fear of nuclear energy.'

"Those of us who haven't bought into the great 'green' nuclear propaganda machine know that nuclear is not the answer to our problems. However articles like these are being quietly seeded in magazines all over the world right now (eg there was one in Wired in November 2005) and they are having a serious impact. People are starting to believe.

"Like any good propaganda machine, the stories mix in enough fear to motivate people to be receptive to a solution that may be more dangerous than the problem. Kinda like the Patriot Act and the War. Only this little marketing ploy is seeding misinformation that will get us into opening a Pandora's box we can't shut. Here's a quote that wasn't in the article (from Dr. Helen Caldicott): 'Plutonium 239, one of the most dangerous elements known to humans, is so toxic that one-millionth of a gram is carcinogrnic. More than 200kg is made annually in each 1000-megawatt nuclear power plant. Plutonium is handled like iron in the body, and is therefore stored in the liver, where it causes liver cancer, and in the bone, where it can induce bone cancer and blood malignancies. On inhalation it causes lung cancer....Plutonium lasts for 500,000 years, living on to induce cancer and genetic diseases in future generations...'

"Anyway- you all know how serious this is- I am just asking you to help stem the propaganda tide. If you can- write to National Geographic. Include some facts if you can. Opinons are fine though. Maybe one of us will get printed.(addresses below) At the very least, participate in their online poll- let's see if we can change the numbers, cause I just did the poll and the 'yes' vote is winning right now. Go to: and click on 'Poll' on the left side of the page. National Geographic Magazine PO Box 98199 Washington, DC 20090-8199 or at least email: they ask that you include name, address and daytime phone. Peace and Health to all."