T.C. Folkpunk

Leaf blowers.

They should outlaw the fucking things. Is there any other indication of just how lazy people can become? As I type this, the superintendent of the apartment building across the street is standing out in front of his building, using one of the nasty little gadgets, blowing leaves (or grass or whatever) off of an area that's maybe the size of a two or three bedroom apartment in his building. He's been at it for about twenty minutes now, and he's not making much progress. He is, however, making a LOT of noise and adding to the burned-off fossil fuels in the air. Good thing, too, I was afraid we were gonna run out of burned-off fossil fuels in the air. I mean, Christ-on-a-bike, I could run out there with a feather duster and do the job in half the time it's taking this chunderhead.

I'm surprised he doesn't also have a special rolling tripod to save him the extreme physical exertion of actually having to hold the bloody thing. I suspect we've found the source of his middle age spread.

His spare tire.

His "Molson Muscle", if you will.

Yes folks, it's finally happened: the push broom is now considered to be Hard Labour. Anyway, in an effort to balance the universe, I will be compensating for his laziness by folkpunking my ass off at Castro's on Tuesday. Also along for a workout will be the energetic (and clever) Jeff Stone. Here are the deets:



CASTRO'S LOUNGE 2116 Queen Street EAST (not west, the Beaches... aka the Beach... aka World Unto Itself With Dog Poop On The Sidewalk...) with special guest JEFF STONE.

See ya there!