T.C. Folkpunk


You know that cold that's been going around? The one that gets into your chest and just kinda stays there for weeks on end? The one that's probably no worse than any colds that went around years ago, but maybe our environment is screwed up to the point that a lot of us probably have weakened immune systems and don't even know it, so the simple act of taking a deep breath outside on a hot day can take ten years off your life, that cold? Well I'm one of the many who have been battling that same bug for almost two weeks now.

The first week was okay, but this past week was murder. Last Tuesday's show at Castro's was saved in large part by fellow singer-songwriter Vaughn Passmore (who hasn't caught this thing....yet...) being able to play a longer set, and also by a massive intake of Fisherman's Friend. Man, I was going through those things like Bogart went through cigarettes. Except I was coughing more than he ever did. And for those of you who are curious, yes it is possible to play harmonica with a Fisherman's Friend on the go, but just to be safe make sure somebody in the audience knows the Heimlich.

Anyway, I'm getting better, and at my present rate of recovery I figure I'll have shaken this thing by, oh, let's say 2008 some time.

In spite of all this, the show must indeed go on. And on that note:

TIMOTHY CAMERON (again with capital letters already...)

TUESDAY JULY 18th (9pm-ish)

at CASTRO'S LOUNGE (2116 Queen Street West, here in Smogtown)

with special guest JENNIFER FOSTER

Jennifer Foster (or "J-Fo" as she sometimes calls herself) is a great singer-songwriter and has a killer voice. She's recorded and/or toured and/or worked with the likes of The Pursuit Of Happiness, Melanie Doane, Sarah Slean, The Rheostatics, and a slew of others.  

Anyway, see you at Castro's.

Hackingly Yours,