T.C. Folkpunk

My next gig will take place next Sunday, June 30th at Grinder. That's right, the Sunday of the long weekend. Consequently, you absolutely should not come to this gig. You should be out of the city enjoying the bugs, traffic jams, idiots on their Sea-Doos at 5am, and all the other things that make a cottage more than just a thing they named a type of cheese after.

Okay, granted, Grinder has the best Americano I've ever tasted, and the sandwiches are really nice, and the staff are great, and they almost always have cool artwork on the walls, but hey, you could experience that stuff any day of the week. Like when you're back in town from the cottage, for example. Or before you go to the cottage, for example. Or both, for example.

Anyway, you better not show up. If you do, I won't greet you with the usual "thanks for coming to my gig" pleasantries. I'll probably look at you like you're nuts and ask you what the hell you're doing there.

Yup, you go off and have a great time. I'll just be standing alone in the corner of Grinder, playing my old Rickenbacker 310 through my old Traynor TS-15 and marvelling at how great they sound together.

Especially when there's no audience there to drown them out.

Have a nice time.

No, really.

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.