T.C. Folkpunk

A while ago I mentioned that I'd been working on a film, the working title of which was Mancation Nation. Just to recap, in April of last year I met a certain Judith Klassen at a party, and once it was established that I was a working singer-songwriter, she asked if I'd be interested in contributing a couple of songs to an indie film she was planning to write, produce, direct and star in.

Just before filming began, she asked if I'd be interested in playing a small role in the film, and shortly after that, the role was re-written so that my character was suddenly the male lead. And then it was decided that the film would be a musical of sorts, which required a pile of new songs.

After a few months of on-again, off-again filming, today we shot the final scene for the film, now titled Love In The Sixth. The title is inspired by Elizabeth Kolbert's book, The Sixth Extinction, and we're billing the film as "an enviromantic musical comedy".

I'm not sure exactly what to compare it to. It's sort of Terry Gilliam-esque, although there are tongue-in-cheek nods to everything from The Hunger Games to The Rutles thrown into the mix.

We've set up a Facebook page for the film, and if you want to follow along on our crazy post-production journey, we'd love to have you along for the ride. Here's the url:

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!