T.C. Folkpunk


The new album, Hearsay Is 20/20, has arrived! It's currently available in downloadable form from Bandcamp. I'm going to hold off making CDs, or cassettes, or vinyl, since there's enough plastic floating around on the planet right now.  

Every week or so, I'm going to highlight a different track from the album, starting today with the lead-off track, Ingenue Emeritus

Feast your ears HERE!

It's a fast, Motown-ish thing, along the lines of You Can't Hurry Love, or A Town Called Malice (or Lust For Life… or Love For Tender… or…), and it's the album's lead off track as well. The lyrics are a bit of stream-of-consciousness surrealism that came to me rapidly, in the space of a couple of days right before heading into the studio to record Hearsay backin July. I decided I wanted one more song to fill out the album, and the lyric gods smiled on me with lines like…

"Now nobody holds a candle 

To the torch you carry to the game,

Cross your heart and hope to dilate

Both her pupils 'cause she feels the same."

And you can dance to it as well, which you Southern Ontarians may want to stay indoors and do as opposed to venturing out into whatever weather mid-January is throwing at us...