T.C. Folkpunk

Hello. Yeah, yeah, I know. It's FOLKPUNK, not fokpunk... Anyway, this Thursday I will be sharing the bill with three of my fave Toronto singer-songwriters. For those of you who like my simple "just the facts ma'am" announcements here ya go:






at HOLY JOE'S 651 Queen Street West (at Bathurst)

8pm start, Pay-What-You-Can.

Before I forget, here are some more specific details on getting to Holy Joe's: It's on the second floor of The Big Bop which is that big ominous building on the southeast corner of Queen and Bathurst. The entrance from Queen Street is the SECOND door east of Bathurst which is also the entrance to The Reverb Room. Go up the black-walled winding staircase (which seems all the more winding when one's lugging an amp and guitar, but I digress...) and at the top of the stairs you'll find yourself at the entrance to The Reverb. If anybody is there collecting a cover for whoever is playing Reverb, simply look them in the eye and (in your best pirate voice) yell at them "Arrrr, I be here for some folkpunkin' so avast ye scurvy dog".

Chances are they'll not ask a second time.

Then you walk straight ahead through the doors and keep going so the bar and washrooms are on your left. Just past the washrooms you'll see a little five or six step mini staircase, beside which is painted in huge letters "Holy Joe's". Go up the mini staircase, through the door and TA-DA you're alcove. But you're really close by this point. If you feel you need for some nicotine after all this spelunking and exploring, turn left to nip out on to the fire escape, otherwise go straight through another door (this is all starting to sound like the opening of Get Smart) and there you are in...another alcove. Look to your right and TA-DA (really) you're in Holy Joe's. If you leave now you should be there by Thursday...

Anyway, this gig came about after having conversations with each of my fellow performers that went something like this:

Fellow Performer: "Hey Tim, we should do a show together sometime."

Me: "Sure."

We're starting at 8pm, each doing a short set, then starting the rotation again at 10pm or so. So for those of you who have to get up early Friday, you can catch each of us and be home in your jammies by 11pm, and for the night owls among you, show up later and you'll still see each of us in action. It's a pay what you can cover, although a minimum of $5 will ensure that we not mutter things about you under our breath. Oh, and we're deciding the running order at the gig, so it'll be a surprise for everybody.

I was going to add some great reviews of the CD which have recently been posted around the web, but this has gone on long enough, so next time.