T.C. Folkpunk

Season's Greedies everybody!

Well, it's now December 1st, and you know what that means? That's right, only twenty-five more days of Christmas music, and then we're safe until next year at this time. It also means that you should be purchasing little goodies to give to the independent music lovers on your Xmas list. You don't want to get anything too ostentatious though. Nothing says "I'm desperate for you to be my friend for the next 364 days" like a gift whose middle name is Flamboyant.

No, what you want is something that's small enough that it'll fit into a cardboard sleeve. Something that can be enjoyed and shared with friends repeatedly. Something like one of these:

It's either that, or one of these:

Really, who would you trust to supply you with the kind of music that makes the perfect gift, CD Baby (purveyors of the finest independent music on the whole freaking planet) or Canada Post (purveyors of, wait a minute, Canada Post sells music now ?!? Oh man, that can't be good...).

There have been rumours swirling around that other music is available for sale this festive season, but the research team here at Folkpunk HQ assures me that those rumours are unfounded. So the future of music is in your hands people, choose wisely.

By the way, William Hung underwent a massive makeover and is now Susan Boyle. Part of the makeover went well. The other part, not so much.

Merrily Yours, Santa Folkpunk