T.C. Folkpunk

Hello again.

So, we've established that the new T.C. Folkpunk album is available through CD Baby here:

And it's also available on iTunes (although I don't know what the url would be, so you'll have to search). But did you know you can walk into honest to goodness retail outlets right here in Hogtown and purchase a copy which you can hold in your hands and caress and do other stuff that I don't want to know about? It's true.

First there's Beach City Music which is located at 2146 Queen Street East in an area which is either called The Beaches or The Beach, but really should be called The Kennel. Now I'll warn you, when you walk into Beach City Music, you'll see what looks like a huge selection of other CDs and LPs for sale, but THIS IS JUST A RUSE. Most of those jewel cases and LP sleeves are empty, and just there for decoration. The staff will deny it of course, but when you ask if you can open up every CD and LP in the store to verify their claim, they'll refuse your request. AS IF THEY'RE HIDING SOMETHING.  

And if you like shopping for music in a coffee shop (which many seem to these days), you can also pick up a copy at Grinder, which is located at 126 Main Street, just south of Gerrard. And the Americano is damn fine too!

And now, a rant:

So Don Cherry has an issue with "pinkos" huh? And I guess that being a right wing type, he would lump any sort of cultural organization that's funded with taxpayers' money under the category of "socialist". Organizations like, oh I dunno, the CBC for example. So I guess he'll be quitting his cushy job at CBC, right?. You know, the publicly funded broadcaster that the right wing would like to see privatized? The same publicly funded broadcaster that pays him more than any private broadcaster has offered him for his one-night-a-week, eight-months-a-year gig up to this point. He's a self proclaimed "straight shooter" (hasn't pointed the gun at himself yet though), so it would be hypocritical of him to stay on at the CBC, right?

I think it's time to put up or shut up, Don.

Preferably the latter.