T.C. Folkpunk

Right then. Three songs down, here comes number four.

This week's featured track from Hearsay Is 20/20 is a rag-tag ride called It's Her!, which you can feast your ears on HERE! 

It was also the fourth song written for the album, and resuscitates a tune that I came up with when I was all of eighteen years old. I wrote lyrics for it back then, but those couplets will never see the light of day, thankfully.

There's a pretty obvious Kinks influence in the "F to G" power chord riff that drives the opening chorus, probably due to the number of Kinks 45s I was accumulating from the record bins at the Towers department store in Owen Sound at the time. I think the verses are probably playing host to the ghost of The Beatles' Anytime At All, and the four chords at the end owe something to the four chords at the end of It Won't Be Long, but backwards. 


The lyrics are brand new, and are sort of observing a friend's new found fascination with that special someone. It's hard to tell if the narrator is being supportive or mocking, though. Very likely a bit of both. I took the old Roman adage "We came, we saw, we conquered" and twisted it into "You came, you saw, you concurred". I'm possibly more proud of that line than I should be*. Thank you for indulging me all the same.



*"You string yourself along and tie yourself in knots" ain't half bad either...