T.C. Folkpunk

You may remember I played a gig at C'est What back in May, the theme of which was a sort of "recording party". The idea was that the audience members could bring their own recording gear, capture the show and then do as they pleased with the end result. Well, it sort of worked out, although not as I envisioned. None of the audience actually brought any such gear with them, but the sound engineer at C'est What, Adam Faux, recorded the show through the mixing board, and the tracks sound good enough to release. Or at least that's what I've been encouraged to do by a few folks who've heard the recording.

So, some time in the next month or so I'll unleash my first live album. Considering how many gigs I've played over the years, it's kinda funny I've never released a live recording before now. Anyway, as per my usual modus operandi, it will be a short but sweet seven song collection. Every song was captured in a single take, no overdubs or pitch correction or any of the other crap that's taking the fun out of music these days. The album will be titled "Lo-Fi Hi-Jinx", and will initially be available only as a download and only from CD Baby.

And in other news, I'm back on Facebook with a musician page. I know, I know, I've gone off on a rant about Facebook in the past, and I'm still suspect of some of their policies, but it seems to be the best way to stay connected with certain people. Here's a url for ya: