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Hey there!

Big news from the Love in the Sixth camp this week: our soundtrack is now available on iTunes!

As some of you know, the film has a bit of a politically charged theme running through it, thanks largely to the main character's activist pre-teen daughter, Kat. One of Kat's main concerns is the implementation of the controversial Bill C-51, and coincidentally our MPs are currently considering having a proper, open, public consultation on that very bill.

So in keeping with that theme, here are some relevant Love in the Sixth music links, highlighting a song titled Beautiful Human, in which Kat expresses her concerns and frustrations through a musical conversation with her mom, Dani.

The song is one of six which I co-wrote with the film's writer-director-producer-star, Jude Klassen. We'll have some other big announcements in the not-too-distant future, but until then, feel free to hum along:

Love in the Sixth soundtrack on iTunes
Beautiful Human on Bandcamp (with lyrics!)

And if you REALLY want to get involved, sign this petition asking your MP to support the calls for an open public consultation on Bill C-51:

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