T.C. Folkpunk

Hi there, I'll make this brief, since I'm at a loss for a rant at the moment. I know, hard to believe isn't it? I mean, you'd think with the Olympics going on right now I'd at least go to the trouble of drawing a comparison between the Olympics and the music industry, right? And then I might go on to mention that they both generate billions of dollars, but apparently not for the individuals who are the main attraction, namely the athletes/performers. And then maybe I'd take a moment to point out that certain members of the IOC seem to have yachts and mansions that rival those of the big music moguls, and how the individuals actually putting on the show are working their asses off to make these lumps even richer, in return for either the "prestige" of a little chunk of metal on a string, or the "prestige" of playing somewhere like CBGB, and having the honour of peeing in the same urinal that Johnny Thunders slept in back in '78.

You'd think I'd bring that up, wouldn't you? But no.

Instead I'm just going to tell you about a gig I'm playing in Montreal next month. Montreal hosted the Olympics, you know. Not that I'd ever make a disparaging remark about the Olympics or anything. Nope, not me. I also wouldn't point out the PetroCan commercials that end with the phrase "visit PetroCan for your chance to cheer our athletes in person". You'll have to wait until those athletes get back from the games of course, and resume their jobs at the pumps... Yessir, you'll be glad to know that I'm not going to say a word about the Olympics, nor will I point out how they had to resort to Computer Generated Imagery to make the opening ceremonies look better, since the smog in Beijing was hampering the visual appeal of the fireworks.

Smog and athletes. It's a winning combination, people!

Anyway, here are the gig details in big honking capital letters, which science has proven are easier to remember than the usual mixture of lower case and capitals:

TIMOTHY CAMERON (that would still be me),



And yes, I realize that Montreal is a five hour drive from Toronto, but when you consider that back when I was playing gigs in Toronto every month or so, you'd probably spend at least half an hour getting to those gigs. Since I haven't played live in almost two years, I've saved you an average of twelve hours getting to the gigs which I would have played (but didn't because I was saving you travel time). So even if you drive all the way to Montreal, you're still saving precious "getting to a folkpunk gig" hours. It's win-win!!

This is no ordinary gig either. It's a CD release party for my friend Frank Makak's new CD, "A Cause Without A Devil". If you've never been to a CD release party, you should definitely come to this one. It's really something to witness firsthand the moment the CD is released, and it runs around the room and people try to catch it.

Also appearing (and running around after that pesky CD) will be Matt Lipscombe, formerly of 90's indie band Me, Mom And Morgentaler. Did I mention the Lollapalympics? No? Whew, that's good. I was afraid I might start ranting or something.


Timothy Cameron (whose initials are the same as "Team Canada", which is good because I have to support our athletes, otherwise I'm being a curmudgeon...)