T.C. Folkpunk

I'll make this quick. My instrumental, jangly, power pop project, That Satisfying Crunch!, now has CDs for sale at CD Baby. Just in time for Chrismahannakwanzadan. Makes a great gift. It slices, it dices, it Julian Freyes (whoever he was). Actually I should Google that name and see what comes up. Wait right there, I'll be right back. (sound of crunchy, jangly instrumental music in the background)

Nope, Google came up with nothing for Julian Freyes. I'm kinda surprised actually.

Anyhoo, in an effort to keep the carbon footprint of this project as small as possible, there are only 100 copies of this album in existence. Once they're gone, that's it, it's all MP3s after that. In the spirit of the Very Limited Run mentality however, I signed and numbered each copy.

So to sum up:

1. That Satisfying Crunch!'s new debut CD, appropriately entitled "Album #1" makes a great gift.

2. Julian Freyes makes a great pseudonym.

Normally I'd post a separate blog entry for each of those two announcements, but there's a recession on, and I've had to cut back on certain consonants. I guess I should do some sort of listening party or release party or something, so I'll keep you posted if and when that happens. Maybe I'll even (gasp!) play a set. Stranger things have happened.

See ya!

Julian Freyes

PS- Yay! Obama!