T.C. Folkpunk

While reading an online article about indie band promotion last week, I temporarily lost my mind and took the article's advice that I set up a Facebook page for my "band". So I surfed over to Faceplant, and began the process of building up a profile for That Satisfying Crunch!, starting with uploading the album cover as the band image. Next step was to type out the song titles and the length of each song. Then there was a bit of band member info to be submitted. I think there was something involving choosing the genre of music in there at some point. Finally I arrived at the part where it was time to upload actual songs. That was when Facebook informed me that in order to prove that I was the copyright owner of the music being uploaded, I'd have to provide them with my driver's license and/or passport information.

Excuse me? You want what?!?!

And with a quick click of the mouse, I cancelled the entire idea and closed my Faceplant account before I ever finished creating it. Maybe Facebook's offices don't have windows, and as a result the people running the joint are in need of oxygen or something, but the last thing I'm going to do with private information like my passport or driver's license is naively hand it over to those lunkheads, so they can get hacked and next thing I know I'm getting bills in the mail for overdue payments on credit cards I don't even have.

You can certainly see their logic though, because as we all know, people who go around pirating music don't drive cars or go on vacation (he said sarcastically...). The sad part is that there are probably millions of struggling musicians out there who are hopelessly naive about things like hacking and identity theft, and have already signed up. Or even worse, they know the risk involved in giving Facebook that info, but are so desperate to get noticed they're willing to gamble that Facebook will remain an impenetrable fortress, gallantly guarding all that is true and good in the world (he said even more sarcastically...).

Actually, if you've got a couple of minutes to kill, check this out: Impossible as it may sound, MySpace looks almost cuddly by comparison, don't it?

Until next time Folk-Crunchers!

Timothy Cameron, or "Julian Freyes", as I'm known to Facebook ("Rusty Shackleford" was already taken).