T.C. Folkpunk

Well, well, look who it is checking my website and reading this posting from me. I was just thinking about you a few minutes ago and said to myself "Self, I should post something to let him/her know about that thing that's happening", and now here you are! What a world we live in. A world that contains such modern advancements as AM radio, even.

Speaking of which…

T.C. FOLKPUNK (that would be me) will be appearing on 

SONG TALK  on  CJRU RADIO, 1280 on the AM dial

TUESDAY JULY 12, at 7:00 PM E.S.T.

And as if AM radio wasn't amazing enough, we now have the interwebs! You can also hear the show if you live far away from Toronto (and I'm told some people do)!! 

You can even (as the kids say) "download it" from this friendly local fruit stand, but only after the show's host have delivered it.

Well, all this talk of high falutin' technology has inspired me to shovel some fresh coal into my steam-powered geetar amplimifier, buy some fresh moustache wax, and prepare my blunderbuss for the show!

Away with ye!

Col. Barnum Darwin Folkpunk, Esq.