T.C. Folkpunk

Hey, I didn't spam you last week, since I'm assuming you pretty much get the idea by now, but just in case:

TIMOTHY CAMERON (me already)

CASTRO'S LOUNGE (2116-E Queen Street East, Toronto)

TUESDAY (pick one) 9pm to 11pm

NO cover charge.

Okay, that business is out of the way, now for a rant. And this time I'm REALLY pissed. The Harper government's new "Clean Air Act" isn't so much a case of "too little too late", but more a case of "fuck all, and possibly never". The idea that our government is doing us a big favour by endeavouring to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050 is laughable. In a very few number of years, hindsight may indicate that we should have cut them by 100%, and done so by the year 2009. Environment Minister Rona Ambrose bragged about how former PM Brian Mulroney had given her kudos, and that must be good, since he's the one that environmentalists all agree was Canada's greenest prime minister, and he was a Tory as well, and golly isn't it great that we have a Tory government again to save us all, blah-blah-blah.

Except Mulroney was the leader of the PROGRESSIVE Conservatives, and now we just have the Conservatives.

Which brings up another point, if they're the Conservative party, what the hell are they conserving anyway? Certainly not the environment, apparently. And in case you'd forgotten, yes, this is the same Conservative government that has given Stockwell Day the role of Minister of Public Safety, which entails being heavily involved with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (aka CSIS... aka James Bond for hosers...) among other things. And yes, this is the same Stockwell Day who literally believes that the earth was created 6,000 years ago. So, since we're all fucked anyway, let's drink up.

And maybe stop paying taxes or something.