T.C. Folkpunk

What's that you say ? You'll have your usual ? Okay:


CASTRO'S LOUNGE (2116 "E" Queen Street East, Toronto, which is pronounced "Trahna" so it rhymes with "piranha", but I digress...)

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 21st 9pm to 11pm, with possible time off for good behaviour.

NO COVER (but there's a tip jug which gets passed around and anybody who can't throw in at least a twoonie is really cheap, and doesn't deserve beer and live music.)

After twenty-three weeks, the Folkpunk Tuesday thing at Castro's will be winding up (or is it "winding down") next week, on November 28th. After that, I'll be retiring to the laboratory deep in the catacombs beneath stately Folkpunk Manor to begin work on my next secret project, which I hope to unleash on the unsuspecting masses sometime around February or March. Or maybe April. And when I say "laboratory deep in the catacombs beneath stately Folkpunk Manor", I mean the living room. I can't divulge the exact nature of the project, but it may or may not involve go-go dancers. Depends on the size constraints of the living room. And the size constraints of the go-go dancers.

Anyway, I may surface here or there for the occasional bit of "folkpunking" in the meantime. Or I may just sit at home with my pregnant wife and watch our DVD of a fireplace. I'm not kidding, it's just a video of a fireplace that goes on and on indefinitely. I think we've managed to have it on for almost two hours and it's showed no sign of letting up. That's one hell of a log. So after tonight you have one more chance to catch me in action as a "one-man Green Day" (as I was once described) in the Beaches, and then they turn the neighbourhood back into a retirement community for dogs, or whatever it is they're going for.

You've been warned.