T.C. Folkpunk

Hmmm. Valentine's Day, huh? 


That's well-timed, since this week's featured track from Hearsay Is 20/20 is a bit of a break from my somewhat more manic punked-up approach, titled Something Like A Poem. Give it a listen HERE.


Something Like A Poem takes the melody from a song I had kicking around for ages, at that time it was called Someone Once Said. I released it on a cassette album (back when cassettes were necessary rather than hip), and then released an instrumental power-pop version on the first (and thus far only) That Satisfying Crunch! album. You can check that version out here. 


The original lyrics were okay, but after adding Someone Once Said to my sets off and on for years, the song just didn't seem all that strong or interesting. So I tucked it away and forgot about it. That is, until one afternoon in 2015 when I was sitting on a streetcar and suddenly the old melody came back with new lyrics. The first verse as you hear it now presented itself in a flash, and I only barely had time to write it all down in the little notebook I had in my jacket pocket before it would have dissipated and been forgotten. Many songwriters over the years have expressed the idea that they don't write songs so much as receive song ideas that are transmitted from somewhere. I totally get that.


I've been told more than once that the melody is very "Beatle-esque", a comparison you'll never hear me play down, and I did my best to pepper the song with a few Costello-inspired turns of phrase ("And when she's novelized, and you only want to get between her covers", etc…).


Next week's song will be faster and louder, I promise.