T.C. Folkpunk

Hearsay Is 20/20 has been doing really well, with airplay in Spain, Sweden, and of course Canada. I'm expecting to get some airplay in Columbia, New Zealand, USA and the UK within the next week or two as well. 

The featured track this week is Sort Of Like Danielle, a whole two minutes and three seconds of tuneage. It started life as three separate song bits, all of which were in different keys. I tried lining the pieces up in the same key, but that meant that some parts were either to high or two low for me to sing. So I thought stuff it, the song can just modulate all over the place, because that will be cheaper than singing lessons.

As a result, "Danielle" is in the key of E. 

And then F#. 

And then G for a bit. 

And then back to E where the whole ride starts over again.

Anyway, you can give it a listen (and also buy it if you're so inclined…) on Bandcamp right about HERE.

I was working on it around the time I dove into production on Love In The Sixth, so there are a lot of filmic illusions floating around in the lyrics (you can read those lyrics on the Bandcamp page too, by the way).

Two minutes and three seconds. You better get dancing or you might miss it!