T.C. Folkpunk

Remember the good old days when "spam" was something that Terry Jones (in drag) would prattle on about to a cafe full of vikings?

You don't ?!?


Anyway, all your worst fears have come true: I have another gig. Care for details ? Well, VOILA (or "walla" as it's spelled in Owen Sound):


GRAFFITI'S (170 Baldwin, in Kensington Market)

FRIDAY JUNE 3rd 9:00 pm, NO cover.

It's part of the Songwriters Unite series, hosted by the lovely and talented Russell Leon. Also on the bill will be guys with names like Kirk, Andrew, Guy, Patrick, Noah, Pierre, and Rex. All good reliable singer-songwriter type names, no ?

So that's it. No rants or stories this time. Want a rant ? Wait for Lewis Black to come on The Daily Show. Want a story ? Go to the library. Want some white-hot folkpunk? Come to Graffiti's. It's that easy.