T.C. Folkpunk

Hi folks, Sorry to keep doing this to you, but the gig Sunday at the Danforth Music, I mean Festival, has been utterly and completely cancelled. They double booked their own festival. Not bad huh? I mean, who's running this thing, Air Canada? Jeezuz.

I took a stroll along Danforth on Friday to check things out at the other venues, and here's some of what I observed:

One place had decided at the last minute not to be part of the festival so they could host a private party instead. Wise. The next venue I passed by featured a bunch of musicians on the front patio, which is nice exept instead of, oh I dunno, playing music let's say, they were standing around scratching their heads wondering how to get the PA system working. Two hours after they should have started playing.

The next gig was a tiny little cafe that had a band in the front window with Marshall stacks ("big honkin' guitar amps" in other words) cranked up loud enough that the vocals were totally drowned out. Next was a band playing in front of (I'm not kidding) McDonald's, and they had a bunch of their gear set up on the garbage pails. Ick.

And finally there was a band who were playing on the roof of a restaurant, which is sort of cool in a Let It Be kinda way, but it appeared that they'd hauled all their gear up on this one rickety ladder that was propped up beside the "stage". Let's hope they enjoyed the exhaust from the kitchen.

So anyway, I'm not doing the Danforth Music Festival, this year or ever. I am however playing a gig this coming week. Here's the info:



8pm Start.

It's four singer-songwriters going around in a rotation of quick 25 minute sets, so if you have to work (or go to school) the next morning, you can catch a fair chunk of each of us by 10pm. And trust me, the three artists I'll be sharing the stage with are among the best at their musical craft in the whole city.


Holy Joe's is upstairs at the Big Bop, south east corner of Queen and Bathurst. Find the Reverb Room, and walk through to the door marked (oddly enough) "Holy Joe's". And thank you for reading this far, hope you've enjoyed the review. And feel free to respond and say hi, I like hearing from all of you.