T.C. Folkpunk

My birthday is coming up next week. I have no problem getting older, in spite of being involved in a fickle thing like the music biz. In fact the worst part about my birthday for me is that it falls in the same week as St. Patrick's Day. Having played a few St. Patty's gigs in the past, I can only assume that the day was invented for all those amateur drinkers who didn't learn their lesson last New Year's eve.

Anyway, as a result, I've gotten into the habit of waiting a couple of days until all the tacky little cardboard shamrocks and goofy green foam top hats have been put in storage for another year before I venture out for a birthday pint or three. For years I've been meaning to get a tshirt made with Oliver Cromwell's portrait and the words, "Beer shouldn't be green, Putz!" emblazoned upon it, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

So, instead of drinking in a licensed establishment where I'd risk being accosted by someone wearing a "Kiss Me I'm Irish" logo somewhere about their person, I decided to celebrate my birthday a few days early by adopting a new name for this here solo act of mine. Henceforth, I'm going under the moniker T.C. Folkpunk. Since my nickname has been "TC" since high school, and my website is "", it seems like a good idea. There's also another Timothy Cameron who's in an R&B group called Silk, and a Google search turns up both of us, so this move should eradicate a bit of confusion. I hope...