T.C. Folkpunk


It's been a while, hasn't it? How are things? How did that friend/relative of yours make out with that situation that was taking place at work/home/vacation? And how about that sports team? Wow, were we ever that young?

Right then, down to business. Some of you may have been saying to yourselves "What ever became of T.C. Folkpunk? It's been almost a year since he sent me an email and I'm feeling morose as a result". Others may have been saying "Who is this T.C. Folkpunk, and how drunk did I have to get to sign up for his emails anyway?". And still others among you may have said "I distinctly remember ordering the fries, not onion rings, what gives?".

Well I'm here to answer those questions. And when I say "those questions", I mean "just the first one".

I had a gig booked for last March, and one night in February I was rehearsing away, working the vocal chords, memorizing lyrics, building the finger muscles up, and all the other regular maintenance that goes along with this music stuff. But after about ten minutes I just stopped in the middle of a song, looked down at my guitar and thought "Bugger this, I've done it, it's boring, I'm gonna do something else with my life". So I put the guitar away, walked over to the computer and began writing a book I'd dreamt up a while ago. After a few weeks I finally finished the first book, and started writing a second one. I didn't even look at my guitars for months on end, I was completely immersed in the writing process.

Fast forward to late July when I happened to pick up a Rickenbacker 650 in a local music shop, and thought to myself, "whoa, nice guitar, it almost makes me sound like I know what I'm doing", so I bought it. At first I thought I'd just have it to play at home for fun, since my musician days were behind me. Then after a few weeks I decided it would be nice to have an amp to plug the new guitar into, so I bought a little Vox AC4.

Anyway, to make a long story epic, I'm sort of back in the music game, although my mindset is less "I'm-a-musician-who-does-a-bit-of-writing", and more "I'm-a-writer-who-plays-a-bit-of-music". I'm fairly irreverent about the music biz now that I've stepped back from it for a while, but the music itself seems to have benefited as a result, so that's nice.

And for those of you who'd like to hear the results (and see the new guitar and amp because they're just too cool), here's your chance:

T.C. FOLKPUNK (that's me, still),
1:30pm (until 3:30 or my voice gives out, whichever comes first)
at GRINDER (best Americano ever!),
126 MAIN STREET, TORONTO (south of Gerrard Street)

Thanks for reading, nice to see you again. By the way, have you lost weight? And I love what you've done with your hair, it's so... hirsute.